#Thank you & a happy new year


Thank you for listening to the Podcast, thank you for reading the articles and blog-posts on social media, linkedin and all other platforms.

Thank you to all my talk-partners, that enriched the podcast with amazing insights and Information on current topics – all related to digital transformation.
I also want to thank my brother Philipp for creating my audio files!

I hope, that you could take some impulses for your work and everything that you do and I hope that you will follow me and the content in 2019.

I learned a lot, from China business and economics to IO psychology, satellite technology, VR, AR and all the implications of digital transformation on the labor market, on firms, on workers, on education, on skills and competences of the future.

I think there is much more to come in 2019 and therefore I wish you a successful 2019 but most importantly healthy 2019.

And I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.