#14 Episode – Do you know the rules of the game?

The challenge of really understanding China business and economics

Prof. Doris Fischer discovered her passion for China business and economics in the 1980s, a time where this combination in an academic context was not established yet. It used to be a combination of two separate major courses of study but times have changed and today it is an accepted interdisciplinary research field . Although research on the topic has been established, there are still not many interdisciplinary courses of study like the one in Würzburg. In order to understand the economic development, the transmission and growth of the Chinese economy, one has to understand economic concepts on the one hand and cultural, systematical aspects – the rules of the game – on the other hand. The country once known as the workbench of the world is transforming and challenging the Western world in all sectors. There are lots of economic puzzles that come with the fast development and the size of the country, which affords creating multiple layers of understanding. This is what makes it so challenging and interesting. China and its economy is changing at an extremely high pace  and the textbooks – which have been written from scratch – have to be updated at least every two years.

In the second part of this Episode we talk about the Master program for China business and economics, that is offered by Prof. Fischer at the University of Wuerzburg. To summarize, the interdisciplinary program is a combination of economics, language, culture, applied research, and projects. It prepares students to either work for Western or Chinese companies in China and also for firms in Germany that transact with Chinese companies. Even if the students do not end up in one of the two named fields, they are equipped with a profound knowledge and understanding of China business and economics. Obviously, the graduate students have a lot of opportunities to start a promising career.

Talk with Prof. Doris Fischer, Professor for China Business and Economics at the University of Wuerzburg. She is member of the board of the German Association for Asian Studies and Member of the Editors for the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (1/5).

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