#9 Episode – How and what we have to learn in the future?

Guest: Prof. Dr. Rainer Thome, Professor for Intelligent Business Synergy at University of Würzburg and business man, expert and visionary in the field of digital transformation and progress.

Digital transformation and progress will change the way we work and learn in the future. While the speed of economic development increases and cycles get shorter, companies have to make sure that their employees do not lose contact. Learning-cycles  getting shorter. Moreover, people will have to bring – additionally to their working-space-specific knowledgeinterdisciplinary competences. On the one hand we will need people who understand markets and processes, who understand computer science and technology. On the other hand, we need teachers and instructors who are up-to-date  and are able to lighten up the fire in people, promote curiosity and the understanding for each-other.

We talk about new forms of education – where content and information are available whenever people need it. Modern technology and voice control are opening up new opportunities. But still, one of the biggest challenge is to make people willing to use it – therefore it is essential to create a wonderful UX and eliminate friction.

At the end we talk about the next business gamechangers. Huge potential lies in the combination of sensors and information systems – for business and private use.  Another trend is EPIP: earliest possible information propagation. Earliest means that even before we realize something, sensors will recognize it, inform, and induce actions.


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