#6 Episode – Disruptive satellite technologies & Internet of Space


Where is the connection between telematics, satellite technology, and Internet of Things?

In this Episode we will tell you the close connection and the huge amount of opportunities in this field of research. Telematics is a combination of telecommunication plus information plus informatics. This combination enables to provide services at remote locations. So, this can be a satellite you remotely control on a different planet. Or a traffic control system on the street to enable efficient flow of traffic. It can be a telemedicine system where a person carries sensors to characterize the health status and provide data to an emergency room where a doctor detects anomalies. Moreover, the technology is used in autonomous driving vehicles, mobile robots and connected factories. New satellite technology has disruptive potential to increase by telecommunication the networking of the automation system to enable more efficient production.

In part 1 of the talk with Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling, we talk about the new elite International Space Master program, where the fields of computer science and space engineering are combined. The program attracts highly qualified students from around the world to study space science and technology in a research-oriented environment at six excellent European universities and two outstanding universities in Asia and in the US.

Guest: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling, full professor at the University of Würzburg. Head of the Chair for Robotics and Telematics. Member of the International Academy of Astronautics. Vice -chair and steering committee member of the IFAC TC on Aerospace. He is an internationally known expert in the field of telematics, robotics, astronautics, satellite technology, and Internet of Space.